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Mary Lloyd, Member of the Month, smiling in front of the gym's Christmas Tree.

We are very excited to shine the spotlight on Mary Lloyd, our Member of the Month. Mary, a dedicated 7am-er, is committed to not only fitness and wellbeing, but as you will see in the Q+A, many other awesome endeavors. Her recognition is well-deserved, having been peer nominated for her exceptional motivation and positive impact on those around her. Two things we love about Mary that aren’t mentioned in the interview below are 1) she usually attends class with her daughter Corey, and 2) she always attends in style – check the portraits for proof of awesome pants!


Read on to join us in celebrating Mary’s accomplishments and the positive energy she brings to our community.



Who do you look up to?

I looked up to my grandmother. She was a novelist and a very creative thinker. I wish she had lived longer and I could have had more opportunities to talk with her.

What drew you to Oak and Iron/keeps you coming back?

When I looked on the website I noticed the variety of classes and then I went in and met Matt and heard about the workout plan and the feeling of community at Oak and Iron. Matt pointed out the book shelf and we talked about one book I saw on there and I left thinking that Oak and Iron looks like a great place to work out and I would enjoy getting to know the people there.


What’s your favorite class style at O+I?

Drive is my favorite class. I love to feel pushed to move fast and hard. The endorphin high is great after that.

What are your favorite/least favorite exercises at O+I?

I really do like burpees. There is something about jumping up at the end that makes me feel like a kid.  I don’t like deadlifts with the rack, just so hard to do!


What are you most proud of?

I am really proud of my three children. They are caring and compassionate adults. I enjoy talking with them, hearing their ideas and spending time with them.

Who in life do you hope to make proud?

I want to make my children proud.

What makes you happy?

Feeling fit and strong makes me happy everyday. I also love to be outside, walking my dogs, hiking, gardening, watching the clouds or the birds.

What makes you LOL?

I have a 4 month old granddaughter and watching her laugh out loud cracks me up.

Tell us about a big challenge you’ve had to overcome.

I went to graduate school to become a licensed clinical social worker later in life and have continued my studies in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It has been challenging and very rewarding.

What is your favorite sweet treat/snack?

I love a really good cookie – usually chocolate chip cookies. When I am staying away from sugar I love to snack on almonds that I roast at home.

What is something you’re secretly good at?

I play the violin – and when I am practicing regularly I am pretty good. I also love to sing.


To nominate a peer for Member of the Month – email team@oakandironfitness.com


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