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Whether you’re a parent, a soon-to-be parent, or influential in a child’s life, your healthy actions and choices can positively shape the future of our youth. We have the responsibility and opportunity to set the stage for a better world for our children. By engaging in personal growth and adopting healthy habits, we can pave the way for future generations to thrive. Whether through nutrition, fitness, or mindset, every aspect of our well-being matters (hello seven dimensions of wellness!)

Examining Food & Body Rules:

The way we eat, talk about food, and express thoughts about our bodies—whether our own or others’—sends subtle signals that our children absorb. While often innocent, it’s crucial to examine the food and body standards we adhereto. Children are attuned to these cues, even when they seem harmless. Examples of such standards include feeling compelled to clean our plates, favoring low-calorie snacks, or imposing strict limits on certain food categories. By recognizing and understanding these norms, we can make deliberate choices that foster a healthy and balanced relationship with food and body perception.

Embracing Movement of All Kinds:

Rather than focusing on rigid movement rules, strict fitness routines, or all-or-nothing approaches to movement, it is more important to prioritize consistent, enjoyable movement. By demonstrating our commitment to regular exercise and involving children in these activities when possible, we can instill a positive mindset toward staying active. This helps our children see movement as a joyful habit, not something we should punish ourselves with after a vacation.

Curiosity and Belief Evaluation:

To make lasting changes, our beliefs must be challenged. We need to ask ourselves the hard questions: where do our beliefs regarding food, fitness, and body image come from? Are these beliefs rooted in diet culture, societal pressures, or family influences? By getting curious about the origins of these beliefs, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and their impact on future generations. Then we can question whether or not these beliefs still serve us and replace them with thoughts that align with our values and desired lifestyle.

This journey is an ongoing process that requires patience and grace. Make small, manageable changes that align with your values and desired lifestyle, and involve your children in the process!

Setting a healthy example for children and future generations is a powerful responsibility we hold and an incredible opportunity to change the narrative for our youth.


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