Originally from New York, Andrew’s fitness journey commenced in Charlotte, NC during high school, sparking a profound interest in comprehending the intricacies of muscle function and adaptation. Andrew holds a BS in Exercise Science from Appalachian State University and a Master’s in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa.

Andrew’s unwavering commitment to educating others about exercise science propelled him back to Tampa, where he serves as a university-level instructor, imparting knowledge in biomechanics, anatomy, weight training, and nutrition. His wealth of experience spans six years, with a focus on personal training and group fitness, showcasing his expertise in the gym. This includes a notable certification with CSCS and CPR/AED.

Notably, Andrew is driven by his aspiration to pursue a PhD in exercise science, furthering his mission to empower others with fitness knowledge. Now rooted in Raleigh, Andrew is enthusiastic about sharing his extensive knowledge and helping the community embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle through his role as a personal trainer.

Fitness Coach Andrew Barsuhn posing for a headshot in the gym's group fitness area.
Fitness Coach Andrew Barsuhn posing for a headshot in the gym's group fitness area.
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